Past the shadow.. looking upward..

I only have a little time right now but i wanted to post something.

Finally got past my worst week of the year. The last week of October is the hardest for me, i typically end up with a lot of depression during that week and i didn’t even have the motivation to write anything.

I have to go in and meet my Probation officer today, this should be the last time i have to meet with them, after this i just have to sail through the next year and my probation will be officially over.

I haven’t written the reason i am on probation yet, however that is something i will get to as i continue writing about my past and my life up to this point in time.

I believe my overall goal with this blog is to help myself reprocess my past, help myself recover and heal and maybe encourage some people who are at their lowest point to see that you can rise again even if you feel you are in the deepest depths of the abyss that is depression.

I am defeating my anger and my pain, i am using it’s force to make a difference in my life. I want to be a spiritual person again but my phobias continue to impede my progress.

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