Started my new life on the east coast, High Point North Carolina.

I have to say my life in North Carolina was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me. We moved into this place called the Cloister apartments. It was a strange experience for me, it was much much hotter and more humid in NC.

It was a nice complex, made a few friends in the area. Primarily since my father was at work more often i could go out and play with those “wordly kids”, I could tell my mom was getting tired of the religious bullshit, she also seemed tired about something else.

School was rough for me, i ended up becoming a scapegoat in class and got picked on all the time because i was one of the few white kids in the school comprised of mostly black kids. Not that i minded it or anything i didn’t and still don’t care about race, but i did not like being singled out because of my race. I guess in a way i learned first hand what racism is like on the otherside of the scale… but not really in it’s entirety. My father was wealthy enough to where i got to live in a nice neighborhood, so it’s not like anyone had to worry about me getting shot on the way home from school.

Suddenly a memory came back while i was writing this blog, I remember when exactly everything took a turn for the worst. Not long after moving here my mom got a job at burger king to help with the finances. I remember she snuck me to her work one evening to give me a mini birthday and to give me a birthday present. I think i realize now that i had blocked out this happy event because later that evening my parents argued and my father had physically assaulted my mom.

I was so scared all i could do was hide under my blankets and listen to the whole thing. I can’t remember what was said but it was about giving me a birthday. I just realized how he found out was because apparently he had been cheating on my mother with her manager at burger king.

I realize now this is why i feel and have always felt sad around my birthdays for not ever being allowed to have one and for the domestic violence that occurred on my birthday.

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