Anger and Anxiety fit today…

Breaking away from my adventures down memory lane i have to get this off my chest. I find that i am still a very angry person, i still have a chip on my shoulder.

You know what, that isn’t entirely a bad thing. I’ve learned it’s ok to be angry.. if we weren’t supposed to get angry we wouldn’t have that emotion in the first place. The thing that angers me most, that really just grinds my gears so badly is human stupidity.

It is the most aggravating thing when you have a person that no amount of evidence, proof, legitimate case studies can get them to see just a glimpse outside of the propaganda bubble they have fallen into. A friend sent me this image today to help me feel better about it.

In the end i find myself throwing out the asshat bomb when nothing else gets through, usually i just skip the middle of the pyramid and go straight to the bottom. I mean the entire time i am trying to prove a point and offering all the evidence when the opposing side just goes “nuh uh.. herp derp.. because reasons” yea i say fuck it i’m done here.

But is ignoring stupidity really the correct course of action?

It won’t go away and sure ignoring it gives me peace of mind, but is that really the correct course of action? to let it continue unchecked?

It’s amazing how a singular wrong idea can cause disastrous consequences. e.g. theology comes to mind. That placing fantasy over reality can actually harm the world. Should I ignore it?!

So i do ignore it right? The anger subsides, but then i get anxiety at the thought that while i am choosing to be ignorant to their stupidity, their stupidity is spreading to other stupid people which will spread it even more. I just want to live in a world without propaganda and bullshit. Fuck me right?

ugh… well enough of that rant. I cannot do anything about it, but it sure does anger me a lot. That and heartless people who have lived a privileged life bitching about people who have it hard.

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