Encom OS for Space Engineers

Encom OS for Grids

This is a Server-side script to add Grid info to panels. This script is event based in order to reduce server load it does not loop. to refresh panel info a timer block must be used.

Simply place down a panel, then in Custom data enter [GRIDINFO]

***Nothing will show up until you change a property on the screen since it is event driven and not on a loop***

this will bring up the main help screen. You can see additional commands by putting [GRIDINFO]|[HELP]

Since this is a server-side script it will work on Xbox if hosted on a dedicated server.

Command List

  • [GRIDINFO] Must be the first command!
  • [CINFO:Cargobox name]
  • [AINFO:Assembler name] (Shows what is currently being built)
  • [RINFO:Refinery name] (Shows what is currently processing as well as the refinery queue and amounts)
  • [BINFO:Battery name] (Shows current stored power / max power)
  • [REACTOR:Reactor name] (Shows output and amount of uranium in reactor)
  • [JDRIVE:Jumpdrive name] (shows current jump range and max range as well as charge amount)
  • [RADAR:Max distance in meters] (will be restricted to max antenna broadcast range, shows nearby grids and rep status)
  • [PROG:Programmable block name] (This is used to force update a panel, simply place a timer block and toggle power on the specified programmable block to cause the panel to update all values.)
  • [PROJ:Projector name] (This will give a block count and required component count to build the loaded blueprint)
  • [CONN:Connector name] (This will show if a ship is connected as well as it’s name)
  • [CRYO:Cryopod name] (This shows the oxygen and who is in the cryopod)
  • [TURRETS] (Shows all turrets and total ammo in the turrets themselves)

Multiple commands can be used together by separating with |


[GRIDINFO]|[AINFO:aname]|[RINFO:rname]|[PROG:pblockname] <– using programmable block to see refinery and assembler values update.

More to come!

Github: lancewrath/SEInfoPanels: Mod to show Grid Information in a Panel (github.com)

Update 1.0.2

  • Fixed some issues that resulted in game crashing when blocks displayed by panels were removed.
  • Assembler now shows more detailed information.

Encom OS item for Space Engineers – mod.io

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