Dealer-Ship Beta for Space Engineers

Yes, This Mod Does Exactly What You Think It Does!

This mod replaces default space stations and orbital stations with modified stations that have a dealership section attached.

In the Dealership area there are a couple connectors and control panel and screen that will give you a quote on the ship you wish to sell that has to be connected to one of the 2 connectors.

You can also cycle through previously sold ships at the station to preview them before you buy them.

2 Large screens will display Ads and cycle through its current ship inventory. If a ship is being previewed the Large right screen will display the ship specs and price.

Do not try to steal the preview ship or you will get murdered….

Githublancewrath/Dealer-ship: Mod to buy and sell ships on SE (

This is my first Edition of this mod, please let me know if you find any bugs.


  • This is a Server-side script so it will work on Xbox with dedicated server.
  • Ships sold are station specific (stations do not share ship inventory)
  • $5000 bonus when selling to a ship that has no inventory.

Known Issues

  • Mod must be loaded when a new game starts otherwise station prefabs are not swapped. (Will be working on a fix for this)
  • May or may not replace existing stations that have already spawned in game (need to check this)
  • There’s no collision check when spawning in preview ships at the moment so please keep the area clear.
  • Is possible that preview ship may become unowned ship if preview is still active during server restart.

Things to Do

  • Add ability to create starter inventory for Stations.
  • Add ability to set faction specific stations (adds more variation)
  • Make pricing Faction Reputation Based
  • Allow Recoloring

Dealer-Ship Beta item for Space Engineers –

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